Problem with View Windows 10 Error Logs Iisd?

Don't Worry - I'm here to help you fix it!

Causes of the error:

View Windows 10 Error Logs Iisd
This error is usually caused by misconfigured system files.

So, from my experience, if you received a View Windows 10 Error Logs Iisd message then there is a 95% chance that your computer has registry problems.

These Windows errors are easy to repair. By downloading and running the registry repair tool RegCure Pro, you can quickly and effectively fix this problem and prevent others from occuring. After fixing the registry, a quick scan with Plumbytes anti-malware tool will ensure that your PC has no more problems!

Recover deleted files with free recovery software How to fix error 0x80004005 step by step? You won’t need a product key for re-activations on the same hardware 0 1 year ago Reply Mortenvs So if I redo the install and skip where it asks for a key, I should be good? So, Microsoft's advice seems to be that we remain patient, don't do any quick "fixes" and let the roll out take its time. -1 1 year ago Reply Angry so Angry I spoke with 3 different techs now their solution is buy Windows 10 Pro as I did the reserve of windows 10 on my Windows 7 Ultimate got halfway through then said it couldn't do the rest of the install and after 4 years of using my operating system it says it's not genuine this is ridiculous I think this is just Microsofts way to get another 199 out of many people this is crazy now if I try and go back it will probably still say it's not genuine so after 30 days I will be FORCED into buying another key code or I will have to buy another computer.

Simply click the links below for your free download.

To Fix the problem you need to follow the 3 steps :

Download & Install RegCure Pro for Free to Scan Your PC
    Choose the "Repair All" Button after the system has finished scanning.

Plumbytes will optimize your PC by removing all traces of Adware, Spyware and Malware. Your PC will run much smoother after this process is completed.

Choose "Start New Scan" after installing

Click the "Repair All" Button and follow directions on screen.
That's All!

Technical Description of System Error (for Experts only):

Microsoft Windows [Version 5.2.4630]
(C) Copyright 1985-2014 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>RegCure Pro.exe

Windows View Windows 10 Error Logs Iisd may caused by some of the following errors

  • Windows Explorer Errors
  • Javascript Errors
  • Hardware Malfunction
Error Symptom include:
Can not printing file

  • Blue Screen
  • IO error
  • Shutdown problems
  • Http error
1) Modify The Application Data Path Inside The Registry

Click onto “Start” – search for “Regedit.exe”
Browse to the following path in RegEdit:
HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerUser Shell Folders
Double click the entry called “AppData”
Replace the original value with your own local profile path
Press OK
Restart your PC